Your own full-time assistant dedicated to finding YOU new listings

"Convert Wire has become one of the fundamental components of my business."

Blake Cory, Temecula CA
EXP Realty

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Blake has secured dozens of listings from Convert Wire and assisted countless others in purchasing a home.


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Find prospects who tell us they want to speak with you

This is Anna. Anna has been with our company for 2 years and is one of our 100+ full time callers

per week
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  • We pair you up with your fully trained and managed professional caller
  • Your caller calls a data set tailored to your preferences
  • We set you appointments with homeowners who have motivation, no agent, and have said they want to talk to you.
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Case Study

41 closings in 12 months

One full-time caller found Chad in Oregon 21 listings, 11 of which bought with him afterwards, and 9 additional buyers on top of that!
36 prospects
A heavy pipeline
The average number of homeowners per month who tell us they’d like to speak with you about assisting them in buying or selling a property.
45 days
Quick results
The average amount of time it takes an agent to secure their first listing agreement.
Our clients love us
Convert Wire’s industry-best client retention rate.

"Convert Wire is my primary source for listing generation"

Lisa runs a team in Cape Coral, FL and sells over 100 homes per year.
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Convert Wire has generated Joyce “hundreds of thousands in gross commissions” over the years.

Joyce is a real estate broker in Seattle, Washington.
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20 listings sold in 2022.

Peter has been with Convert Wire going on three years and uses us as his primary source for listings.
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"You're providing sellers who are looking to sell in the near term."
Peter S, New York

Our story of growth

We now talk to and qualify every lead

Convert Wire was born from the success we saw in-house at the brokerage level. In 2018, we began taking on outside clients and running advertising campaigns with the sole mission of helping agents build their businesses by getting them listings. And while we had happy customers and produced results, we were often discouraged by negative feedback we received from our leads.
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“I’m not actually looking to sell, I just wanted to know the value of my home.”

“I’m probably going to be doing something a few years down the line but definitely not now. Thanks!”

“I don’t even own this home and I don’t know who you are!”

It’s not what we were looking for and it’s not what our online advertising campaigns were designed to attract. We were stumped.

We finally came to the following conclusion: If we want to make sure that we're connecting our agents with real prospects, people they actually have a shot at working with, we first need to get these folks on the phone and have a thorough conversation with them ourselves. We need to actually qualify them, not just gage their legitimacy by a few buttons they clicked on the internet.

So, we scrapped our online advertising campaigns, completely shut shop on all we were doing at the time, and reallocated our focus and investment into building out a team of professional callers who were experts at finding, qualifying, and connecting our agents with legitimate prospects...

Fast forward to today and we work in all 50 states doing just that: introducing our clients to people who are happy to speak with them and need their help.

If our story resonates with you and this sounds like something you could benefit from, we’d love to meet you to discuss working together. Book a call with our founder, Jack Sory, here.

Check the availability in your area

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