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Connect with homeowners who have told us, over the phone, they are open to meeting or speaking with you about selling or buying a property.

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Full time inside sales agents trained to
schedule in-person & phone appts.
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Over 100K in closed commissions in 2021.
-Joyce, Seattle

Our team engages thousands of likely sellers to generate you 35-45 solid prospects per month.

37 prospects
Average monthly prospects
Qualified over the phone looking to speak with you about selling.
45 days
Average listing conversion
Our average agent signs their first listing agreement within 45 days.
Our clients love us
92% of clients use our service for at least a year on monthly contracts.
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"Convert Wire has become one of the fundamental components of my business."

Blake's team sold more than 600 homes in 2021 alone.

Blake Cory, Temecula CA
EXP Realty

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Blake sold 18 listings with Convert Wire in 2021 as well as assisted countless others in purchasing a home.

Real Appointment Transcripts

We’ve compiled recent examples of real call notes taken by our sales team on some of our clients’ connections.

How We Qualify an Appointment:

Clear Motivation For Selling
Timeframe of 12 Months or Less
Not Working With Another Agent
Scheduled Follow-Up or Appointment
Follow Up On Seller Leads
Customer Case Study

"Convert Wire is my primary source for listing generation"

Lisa runs a team in Florida and sold over 100 homes in 2021 in the Cape Coral and Fort Meyers markets
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Watch Video
"You're providing sellers who are looking to sell in the near term."
Peter S, New York
Customer Case Study

Two years in and going strong

Peter has been with Convert Wire going on two years and uses us as his primary source for listings.

Over 100k In Closed Commissions

"Thank you guys for actually living up to your word! As you know, we Realtors get hit up with solicitors for "leads" several times a week (at a minimum), but you DELIVERED!"

Baron B.
Los Angeles, CA

Multiple Closings with Convert Wire

"The people at Convertwire are top notch! Their experience, customer service and attention to detail makes all the difference when you are a busy agent. I found their system easy to use and got two great deals right away! I highly recommend Convertwire!"

Virginia O.
Seattle, WA

Multiple Closings with Convert Wire

"Convert Wire has been a fantastic return on my investment. The Convert Wire team are very easy to work with and easy to get in touch with. Their backend makes follow up a breeze. I am averaging around 2 to 3 appointments per week with leads qualified by Convert Wire."

Lisa Cathey
Cape Coral, Fl

Exclusive to one agent per market.

You will never compete with another agent over area.

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